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SOCIOS MMEC is a platform where speakers, experts, professional speakers, educators, trainers, make themselves known to our Latino community, as well as organizations, mini-companies, businesses, and even institutions that use the services of the partners are referred or use their services in Personal Development, family, health, finances and spiritual life, leadership, psychological, administrative, nutrition, etc.

Our goal is to unite talent, knowledge, professionalism and create a fundamental educational base for the community. Join and be Changed with MMEC PARTNERS.


1 Being OFFICIALLY mentioned that you are part of this MMEC platform.
2 Enter the data of MMEC PARTNERS.
3 Participate in conferences, webinar, interviews, MMEC radio programs if it is agreed with the subject in question. (Some topics such as interviews is for an extra payment)
4 To be present or absent in PHYSICAL events of MMEC.
5 Have the opportunity to be known when people search for MMEC or your store. If we do not have what they are looking for, they can have direct access to the information, pages, products, blogs, social networks of all our MMEC PARTNERS.
4 Use the Corporate Image of MMEC.
5 Access to MMEC Office, Cowork Space or Virtual Office. (For an extra payment)
6 Certify your Conferences, Workshops, Webinars, Trainings endorsed by MMEC ORG. (For an extra payment)
7 Strategic alliances in MMEC for your brand, product, system or service.
8 In the United States, access to MMEC BENEFITS in everything related to utilities for office use.

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